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MT4 Download

MT4 is currently the most favored by the global investors and praised one of the financial trading software, in addition to the flexibility of the next single transaction function, MT4 also offers quotes, chart analysis, indicators programming, alert alarm, news, e-mail communications and other functions. EMR FX also offers MT4 mobile trading platform to support iOS and Android mobile systems. Investors can watch the latest developments in the market, take orders and manage trading accounts anytime, anywhere, through smartphones or tablets.

Download MT4-PC Client

Operating system *: Windows7/windows8/windows
* October 1, 2017, will no longer support Windows Xp/2003/vista

Fast Trading Quotes

Both Forex and other, traded varieties, always offer the quickest market quotes.  

Trading Real MT4 Accounts   

Through market orders, immediately participate in the market transactions, or in a certain market conditions to enter the market transactions. Use preset stops and profit control to manage your trading risk. If you have a multifunctional management account, you can manage your account and easily trade!

Always the latest quote chart features  

Through the dynamic chart function analysis of the market, providing multiple time, full range of trading charts.  

Simple Order Management

Provide detailed information about the pending orders, including tips on market price proximity, OCO order, show stop/stop, etc. You can modify or remove orders by simply clicking the mouse button on several screens.  

Detailed account information  

Show your account balance, net worth, margin usage, all your account information is always displayed. If you have a multi-purpose management account, you can display your own information in any account. All information on your account is constantly updated.  

Position Information  

Show any information, profit/loss, set pending orders for your transaction. It is simple and efficient to set a stop/stop or close position.


Show your past transactions, concise and clear. Each of the positions can be presented in a detailed transaction.  

Constantly updated market news, update fast to each of the  

Provide the latest market information, any changes in the market you can hear everything. Make daily headlines and browse the latest market information.  

Optional trading variety  

By choosing the usual trading breed, you can show only the types of deals you have previously focused on. Custom trading variety, remove the unused transaction items, simple and quick, and you can show all the trading variety.